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Elting Project Updates

July 2023

With demolition of the old Elting wing complete, we are now entering the most exciting and visible
phase of our project – the construction of our new building! Demolition was completed in May with
expenses coming in under budget. Now that demolition is complete, crews have begun grading the lot.
The corners of the new building have been set, and gravel has been laid for the base. Next, the slab will
be poured.
In recent weeks, you may have noticed improvements happening quickly around the Education Building.
Contractors completed painting the Fellowship Hall, and church volunteers cleaned the chandelier and
globes and installed new LED bulbs. Tracks for the new stage curtain in the Followship Hall will be
installed during July, and we expect the curtain to be delivered in August. We will also be repairing and
replacing doors in the Fellowship Hall in the coming weeks.
Work is progressing on the new front office. Construction of the wall has been completed. Church
volunteers painted one of the walls in the office and prepared the room for painters, carpet, and
Work is still underway on the bathrooms in the Education Building. Some of the new fixtures are in,
while the selections for mirrors and light fixtures are being finalized and ordered. Our cleaning
contractor is preparing to deep clean the grout in the bathroom floors.
All of the damaged windows in the Education Building have been replaced. While we had the scissor lift,
we also had all of the windows cleaned.
Financially, the Be Renewed capital campaign is on track. Pledges are coming in on schedule. As we
shared in an earlier update, the latest construction estimates were much higher than our initial
estimates, but we are still in a solid financial position to complete this project.
Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help clean, maintain, and prepare the church building
for this project. We appreciate all your prayers and support as we continue to ask for God’s direction
and guidance to use our facilities to best reach and serve our community.

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