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Hello and welcome to our church. Frequently asked questions are answered below.

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Where do I park?

-Our main parking lot is right across the street from the Shoals Theatre. You are also welcome to park in our lower parking lot or on the street.

Where do I walk in?

-Our main entrance is beside our main parking lot. Walk up the stairs toward the sidewalk and enter into the glass door on the left. If you are just wanting to enter the sanctuary you are welcome to use our main entrance or the wooden Sanctuary doors.

Where is the nursery?

-Take the elevator to the second floor and take two right turns and it will be the first door on the right.

What is worship like?

-We are grounded in traditional worship and music, teaching, and prayer, we facilitate spiritual growth, encourage family worship, practice stewardship of our resources, and maintain service to our community and the world.

What should I wear?

-Wear what makes you comfortable. Some of our members wear traditional church clothes while some dress more casually.


What classes are offered?

- We currently offer a Children's Sunday School class. An Adult Sunday School Class will begin April 24th.

What time is worship?

- Worship is at 11:00 AM in the Sanctuary.

What should I expect at FPC?

You should expect to be welcomed into our church with open arms.

We look forward to meeting you!

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