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We are committed to ensuring our congregation and our community remain informed about this exciting project, and have compiled a communication brief as a starting point for learning about our Be Renewed generosity compaign.

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What exactly are we doing?

  • Demolishing the Elting wing and rebuilding a smaller section

  • Paying off/down HVAC debt

  • Reconfigure and update all 3 floors of Education building that utilizes the entire space to maximize our ministry growth and community engagement

  • Covenant agreement with Memphis seminary for 3 years to hire a youth director while supporting them in school.

  • Set aside money to hire an associate pastor for 3 years

What is the true motivation of why we are doing a campaign? 

  • We are having fun living out our vision and need support (building allocation and staff) to continue growing in our calling. Serving God is a joy and our capital campaign will enable us to better share this joy with others.

Why are we doing it?

  • The Elting Wing is collapsing upon itself and creating additional annual cost for unusable space. We also need adequate bathrooms for social gatherings and ministries hosting those in need of food and shelter (Room in the Inn and Soup Kitchen)

  • The HVAC loan is costing the church 25,000 a year and 19,000 of is interest. This money could be better used towards ministries of the church.

  • Our church is a growing church and we need a plan for use of space in our building so that we can optimize our resources and better serve our members, visitors, and community. This starts by having clean bathrooms, children and youth rooms designated for that purpose, and adult education/meeting rooms easily accessible.

How do each of these components of the campaign connect to First Presbyterian's vision/mission statement?

  • The Elting wing must be demolished and a new building built so that we can continue our commitment to being a church that serves the community in the name of God. Currently, we have severely limited the amount of community organizations able to use our facilities because we do not have usable restrooms. And asking our food and shelter insecure guests to use those very same restrooms sends the message that we don’t value them as true brothers and sisters in Christ. We might be serving the hands of Christ, but asking them to use unclean and safe facilities is not loving them with the heart of Christ. And it certainly is not us uniting as one people under God with a vision of always moving closer to Christ together.

  • The HVAC debt is prohibiting our congregation to be more engaging from expanding our ministries because of financial restrictions. As we expand our VBS, Trunk or Treat, Soup Kitchen, and nonprofit partnerships, it is essential that we have the capital and personnel to faithfully engage each of these examanding ministries. For us to live into our mission of Thinking with the Mind of Christ we must think sacrificially and share our gratitude of God’s blessings by being good stewards of our resources.

  • A full plan for the use of our building is the culmination of both our vision and mission. How we decide to allocate the space that we have and use it for members, community organizations, and mission is the reality of who we say we are as a church. Having a plan for our footprint and how each room will provide for different needs of the church allows us to be prepared for education, congregational care, stewardship, worship, and mission. Planning and implementing a full church plan forces us to recognize all of who we are and how we might best come together to grow in Christ.

If we do not do this campaign why will we not be fully pursuing our God-inspired vision?

Too many people are being told by churches that ministry is all about personal salvation and just showing up to worship. Our congregation is one of the few in the Shoals area that invites anyone into a journey of faith that is more about discovering the unfolding kingdom of God around us and how God is calling us as individuals and as a community to live into this new reality. If we don’t do this campaign, we will severely limit our outreach potential in how we can share this good news to the community and enable our own members to grow in their journey of discovering God’s Kingdom here.

What and how much is riding on the results of this campaign?

Our continued momentum and the growth of our education and mission is directly riding on the outcome of this campaign. More than that, this campaign is an opportunity for the whole church to better understand our identity as a church and in knowing who we are be better prepared to share our vision with the community.

Why are we doing it now?

We are doing it now because people are excited about what we are already doing and we are hopeful about what we could be doing.

What is the urgency?  What will happen if we do not do this campaign now?

We are about to outgrow our own ministry capabilities. We have so much energy and excitement because members see us moving forward as a congregation in a meaningful way. If we do not continue this transformative restoration we will go backwards, to the insular church afraid to take risks and serving ourselves in fear.

What are the financial goals of this campaign?

  1. What are the financial goals of this campaign?    $1 million

What is the breakdown of the over and above giving?   How will it be distributed?  In other words, how will we spend the money that is given?

The largest growth in our congregation has been with elementary children.  They will soon start moving into middle school and we need a ministry in place to continue their faith journey.

FPC is growing in discipleship and in membership. To meet the growing needs of our congregation and community we need to provide additional pastoral support..

What do we need each individual in the church to do during this campaign? 

  • prayer

  • participating in events

  • reading materials

  • viewing videos

  • discussing their commitment with their family members

  • consider sacrificial giving.