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More than a generosity campaign...

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A Letter From Our Pastor


As we come to a new time in our church, we need to approach planning for our ministry in a new way…in a renewed way. Where these last few years of growth and transitions have caused challenges for us, they also have presented new exciting opportunities of ministry to be renewed in our mission.


In order to achieve the ministry plans we have for the future of our church it will require each of us to self-examine ourselves and see how God is calling us to greater levels of faith, commitment, and generosity even in midst of uncertainty. 


After years of prayerful discernment on what our ministry plans will be and  how we will resource those plans, we want to introduce to you a generosity emphasis entitled, “Be Renewed”. Our desire is that 100% of the people who call First Presbyterian Church their home would respond to Be Renewed.


Through this Be Renewed emphasis, you are invited to...


• ask and yield to God’s will in your life

• be open to how God will challenge you during this time

• consider honestly your willingness to live out your faith

• have open conversation in your household and pray about your generosity

• be present in worship on May 22, 2022 ready to respond


Over the next four/five weeks lets contemplate the instrumental Bible verses included, encouraging us to trust in the Lord and to honor the Lord with the resources God has provided us. I’m excited to see what God will do in each of us individually and as a body collectively if we will all be open to Be Renewed! 


Thank you, in advance, for being part of this faithful journey in growing together in Christ.


Yours in Christ, 

Rev. Brandon