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Malayalam Cartoon Kambikatha



Kambi Cartoon Malayalam Kambikatha Malayalam Kambi Cartoon Kambi cartoon Kambikatha Kambi cartoon . The author named Kambistories is exclusively for promoting South Indian stories. The copyrights of all the stories belong to their respective authors. Please do not copy, paste, publish or distribute any stories. . Kambistories, Kambi, Kambi cartoon, kambi kathakal, kambi katha, kambi katha, kambi katha, kambi kathakal, kambi kattaka, kambi kattakal, kambi kattakal, kambi kathakal, kambi kathakkal, kambi kathakkal, kambi kathakal, kambi kattakal, kambi kattakal, kambi kattaGastric varices: primary bleeding from or secondary to portal hypertension? Bleeding of the gastrointestinal tract is a relatively frequent complication of portal hypertension. Despite being well described, its management continues to be controversial. In particular, is acute bleeding from gastric varices really an emergency? The medical records and diagnostic and therapeutic protocols of 20 patients with acute hemorrhage due to gastric varices were reviewed to determine the efficacy and safety of endoscopic treatment. Eighteen patients were cirrhotics; 2 had associated liver disease. The mean age was 59.4 years (range, 27 to 83 years). The diagnosis was established on the basis of gastrointestinal hemorrhage with normal endoscopy, endoscopy with negative esophagogastric varices and gastric mucosal biopsies positive for hemorrhagic stigmata. The treatment consisted of sclerotherapy in 17 cases, and emergency gastric devascularization in 1. The mean follow-up period was 28.5 months. Primary failure of sclerotherapy occurred in one patient who was submitted to emergency gastric devascularization. Six patients had a recurrent episode of hemorrhage, five of which were controlled with endoscopic sclerotherapy. Mortality was 5% and no patient died as a direct consequence of the bleeding episode. Bleeding from gastric varices is a frequent complication of portal hypertension. Nevertheless, despite the high failure rate with endoscopic sclerotherapy, it remains the first-line treatment of choice for acute bleeding


Malayalam Cartoon Kambikatha

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